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Review: Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins

Title: Temptation
Author: Karen Ann Hopkins
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Publisher: HarlequinTeen
Pages: 383
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Bookdepository
Read from June 21 - 28, 2012 
My rating: 1 star: I don't like it 
Summary: Your heart misleads you. That’s what my friends and family say. But I love Noah. And he loves me. We met and fell in love in the sleepy farming community of Meadowview, while we rode our horses together through the grassy fields and in those moments in each other’s arms. It should be Rose & Noah forever, easy. But it won’t be. Because he’s Amish. And I’m not.

First of all, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous book cover! I fell in love immediately with this book just by looking at it. But of course, looks can be deceiving, and that what looks pretty on the outside just might be rotten on the inside. Like this book, for instance.

Temptation is a story about Rose and Noah, two love birds who can't be together. After  her mother died, Rose and her family move from the city to a farming community called Meadowview. There she meets her new neighbors, Noah Miller and his family. At first sight they fall madly in love. It should be simple, right? Boy loves Girl and Girl loves Boy, they should be together! But they can't, because Noah is Amish, and he's supposed to find an Amish girl and marry her. He's not supposed to fall in love with an "English" girl. Their families and lifestyles keep them apart, but all these differences can't stop them from trying to find ways to be with each other.

I'll admit that I'm a sucker for hopeless love that just can't be but happens anyway. This book should be my thing, shouldn't it? Yeah, I thought so too, but sadly, I ended up hating this book, which is something I totally did not expect.

I have spent many days trying to think about what I liked about this book, but nothing came up. I really did try. All that I could think about was how I had to push myself to go on with this book, how I always wanted to put it down as soon as I picked it up, and this story annoyed me.

So what are my problems? Well, the characters! Of course! They ruined everything for me. Since this story is narrated in both Rose's and Noah's points of view, we readers get to know their every thought. Rose sees Noah as a totally drop-dead gorgeous hottie whom she can't take her eyes off. But Noah really comes across to me as a selfish being. He's manipulating in that he comes up with ways and ideas to make Rose do what he wants. Like suggesting pregnancy so that their parents might make the marriage happen. And threatening her that their relationship will be over if she doesn't become Amish. Please. The ideas totally disgusted me. Rose is 16, she can't be thinking of getting married, let alone getting knocked up just so she can be with him! And Rose, poor girl. She's so senseless. There are times when she sticks up for herself and gets angry at Noah's hurtful words, which is good, but she eventually lets him have his way. Just a kiss and then she forgets everything, including the fact that she has a whole life ahead of her, too. Oh, did I tell you how manipulative Noah is? Yeah. That boy gets what he wants, and she gives it to him. I couldn't stand either of them. I hated both characters as much as it is possible to hate a fictional character. 

The plot of this story sounds really good. It's a kind of plot I usually fall for and love. But this one? Not at all. The idea of "love" in this book seems kind of ridiculous. To me, it's not so much "love" as "lust". They see each other for the first time, they check each other out, and then THEY FALL IN LOVE. Right. It wouldn't sound that incredulous in other context, but in this one, with both shallow, conceited characters, it feels wrong. When she says she loves him, or he her, I just wanted to barf. The fact that this relationship moves too fast annoyed me too. What's the hurry? And no, it's not romantic. I can tell I found absolutely nothing romantic about this book. Everything they do either seems selfish or is a means to another end.

The ending is totally disappointing for me. I kind of expected Rose to wake up and know what a mess she's in, and do the right thing, but of course she has to go and piss me off again. The incident near the end of the story, the one that changes things, would have seemed romantic for some readers. You know, how do I live without you kind of romantic. But for me, it shows nothing more than that Rose is too lost in the haze of fear and the freshness of the incident to make a decision that will be best for her.

Am I planning to read the second book? Maybe. The excerpt of the first chapter of book two, which is included in this book, already tells me that there'll be lots of problems coming. All I want to know is how far Rose will go to do the right thing. But really, I don't care anymore. It'd be great if someone just tells me how it ends, because I really don't want to waste my time getting pissed off at them anymore. Totally not worth it.


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I received a digital copy from NetGalley and the publisher for review.


  1. Aw, I'm sorry you didn't like Temptation! :( I really hate insta-love, though, and I don't think many people are fans of conceited characters. I've heard mixed things about this, so I'm sorry you didn't like it! Characters are things that will turn me off the most!

    Eileen @ ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***

    1. Thank you for your comment, Eileen. I have no problem with well-written insta-love, really. I just ask that it be well-written enough for me to enjoy it! Hahaha.

  2. Aw, it's such a shame you didn't enjoy this more, Best :( I've considered reading this because of the Amish storyline but I might put it off now. Noah sounds like a right brat - I hate manipulative characters and I get even more frustrated when girls let guys walk all over them! And I dislike the whole 'insta-love' concept - you can't claim to fall in love with someone instantly!

    Thanks for the great, honest review, Best!

    1. Thank you, Beverley, for your comment! :-) I'm glad you agree with me! Noah really is a brat to me, and it just feels wrong for Rose to do everything he wants her to do (she puts up a fight but she always gives in)!

  3. Good and honest review! keep it up! new follower!

  4. Sorry you weren't happy, I hate when authors confuse tension between characters and frustrating the reader. Leaves me, leaving it. :-)

  5. I didn't like this book either, I couldn't even finish it. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who felt that way.

    1. Oh hey *high five*. I'm glad to know this, Kristina. I can say you have no regrets. I shouldn't even have tried to tolerate it either. Sigh.


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