Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hiatus Alert!

Hello, hello! 

It's Best. You haven't heard from me in months. And you're still not gonna hear from me for a while. I'm currently in my third year as an English major (whee!), and guess what, the reading materials this year tripled last year's. Fun. The little free time I have after class and during weekends have to be dedicated to preparing for class and catching up with assignments--all of which I'm terrible at. I'm constantly failing at time management. Thus: no time to review or blog. 

So, yes, this is an official hiatus! *throws confetti* Eh, not really. See how busy I've been? I didn't even have time to write a hiatus post until today. Right now, the political unrest in Thailand makes it impossible to attend class, thus classes are canceled until next week. And you'd think I can take the time off to do some reading, right? Yes and no. Teachers have been assigning papers and homework like mad. Talking about making use of the break. So what I'll be reading during the time off is 3 novels for Children Lit class (finished We All Fall Down yesterday, now reading Anne of Green Gables) and 1 novel for German Reading. Also, I need to write papers and study for tests and finals already. Crazy stuff. In comparison to others, I'm considered lazy ass. They've finished a bunch of assignments already and I've just finished one book. *groans*

I hope to return to book blogging soon, though I have no idea how "soon" it can be. Almost immediately after finals, I'm leaving for the US in March. Guess who's going to be a cast member at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL? Yep. Gonna be back in Thailand on June 4, and who knows? Maybe I'll be active during the two months I have before next semester starts on August 11. I'm gonna be a senior.

Fun fact: tomorrow is my 21st birthday.

I'll be back!

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